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About us

Welcome to KTS sports cars! We are a family owned business and therefore, we understand the needs of our customers in different economical needs and aged groups. We directly import our vehicles and sell to our customers. Our KTS staff member in Japan fully checks the vehicles’ interior, exterior, engine and transmission. He also computer scan the vehicles completely before the purchase.

We are selling high quality cars to our customers and we are proud to say that we are able to provide necessary documents to show the genuine millage. We are also happy to educate our customers on checking the genuine mileage on their purchase (we are able to provide you with the EXPORT CERTIFICATE that shows the genuine mileage).

KTS will also maintain a strong relationship with our customers after the sales of our high quality cars. KTS is passionate to provide all our customers with the best possible experience in buying their cars through us. We are well confident, experienced & specialised in importing & exporting best cars to Melbourne -Australia, London - United Kingdom, Colombo - Sri Lanka & anywhere in the world according to the customers’ requests. KTS is looking forward in assisting you on purchase of your next car.